I’ve set up a Kuggur Patreon account

August 19, 2020

I’m no longer posting my travel photos/videos/stories on Instagram and Facebook. They will be exclusively on Patreon. But in return they will be more in-depth and better produced. And of course there will be a lot more content than that, I’ll publish travel advise, hidden gems in Iceland, tutorials, unpublished Polaroids and I’m going to offer cheaper alternative to the aluminum prints I have for sale on here on Kuggur.com
Everyone who becomes a Patron before the end of August will receive a high res unpublished Polaroid scan and for € 11 or more you will receive a signed, life-sized Polaroid photo-paper print.
The Covid situation has thrown my life into a financial downward spiral, so the only way to survive is to adapt to new conditions. I’m looking forward to creating some exciting content and exclusive projects with you.
Find me on Patreon.com/kuggur

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