In memory of my friend, photographer Bryan G. Stockton

September 8, 2020
Bryan G. Stockton

A few weeks ago I got a message I found hard to believe or even comprehend. I remember staring at my phone and thinking “this can’t be true”. Disbelieve is always the first stage of shock.
But the news were very much true, tragically so. My friend and brilliant landscape photographer Bryan G. Stockton had passed.

Just a couple of friends out on a road trip

Bryan was very well known in the business world, but I didn’t really know that until later. The closes I’ve come to being a businessman was buying a used car, so what did I know. Nor did it matter to me, Bryan the businessman is not the Bryan I knew. The Bryan I knew was the amazing landscape photographer the music lover, and as time went by, the friend who confided in me and the friend who listened back.
I had first met Bryan in September 2018, when I took him and another photographer out on a few day photo tour around Iceland., and in February this year (2020) the two of us hit the road again. Writing this makes me realize I only knew him for less than two years, which seems unreal to me know, given what a dear friend he had become. I think that has to be accredited to his genuine friendliness and welcoming spirit. I remember quite a few instances where he’d get into conversations with hotel staff or guests, or other travelers, even those who walked into his shot (we photographers hate that haha), that’s how friendly and welcoming he was to everyone around him.
Even though I was the driver guide and Bryan was the customer, it never felt that way. We were really just two friends out on the road, sharing a love for landscape photography, music and a sense of adventure. And boy did we have some good adventures, I have in fact mentioned at least one of them before in a previous blog, where we had to battle the elements to get to a pair of waterfalls before dawn. The result was what I will always consider some of Bryan’s best work, and will for sure remain my personal favorites.

Bryan G. Stockton photographs an abandoned farm in Iceland
Bryan G. Stockton photographs an abandoned farm in Iceland

A eulogy of photos rather than words

I think it would be pointless, and quite self-absorbed to write a very long blog about my friendship with Bryan. Those potentially reading this probably either knew him better than I did, or perhaps not all. Or perhaps they knew only his photography, which is what I want to focus on anyway. It was photography that brought us together after all.
To commemorate Bryan’s work as a photographer I would love if you all take a look at his website and his two Instagram accounts (one colour and one black and white)
If you feel like leaving comments to his works of art I’m sure his wife Maureen would appreciate reading them.

All things must pass

Second to photography, Bryan and I would talk a lot about music. The Beatles were his favorite, and in fact the very last email he sent me was a link to a small piece about Ringo Starr.
So I guess it’s quite fitting to close this with a Beatles quote;

Now the darkness only stays at nighttime

In the morning it will fade away

Daylight is good

At arriving at the right time

It’s not always going to be this grey

All things must pass – George Harrison
The Beatles – All Things Must pass

Goodbye my friend. I’m sure there are some epic landscapes to photograph there on the other side, and one day you will be my guide. Until then I carry your memory and every single time I climb down and back up somewhere to get that perfect shot (seems like all our locations were like that haha), I will think to myself “Bryan would have loved that!”

My sincere condolences to Bryan’s wife Maureen, their children, grandchildren and family.

See you on the other side buddy!


  • Meredith Stockton
    September 8, 2020

    Thank you for writing this wonderful tribute to my dad. I hope some day me and my family can meet you in Iceland and you can show us all the places you visited together. Much love.

    • gummi
      September 8, 2020

      Hi Meredith. I’m happy to hear from you and I’m happy you like this little tribute. Your dad talked so highly of you all and it was so obvious how much he loved you all.
      I too hope we can meet in Iceland some day, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you decide to come over.
      My condolences and love to the whole family.

  • Michael Lennon
    September 8, 2020

    This is a beautiful tribute to a great man.

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