Even though I was born and raised in Reykjavík, Iceland's only city, I have never really felt at home in a city environment.
In my practice I deal with the blurred lines between memory of that which is real and memory of a past that never really existed.
The past, or a perceived past, plays a big role in my art. My obsession for abandoned farmsteads stems from the same source as my obsession for old cameras and expired Instant films (Polaroid and Fuji 100 types). My hands-on manual manipulation of the negatives is of the same ilk as my persistence to hike for miles to get to the right spot. This total immersion in my practice means that I mostly travel and work alone. My subject matter is thus, for the most parts, Iceland, it's nature but also the human touch in nature.
My aim is to convey this solitariness to the viewer. An abandoned farmhouse in the vastness of the Icelandic nature thus becomes a reflection of my inner self and my landscapes depict not simply the visually striking nature of Iceland, but more so the actual feeling of being engulfed by it's wilderness, to be violently kissed by it's rainstorms and the cold embrace of winter's snow that carasses every aspect of life up here in the north.

The past is alive.

2008 - 2011 BA (Hon) Fine Art Photography - University of the Arts London
2006 - 2007 Photography - Reykjavík Technical College
2005 - 2007 Media and information studies - Reykjavík Technical College


Solo exhibitions:
2022 Gallerí Göng, Hátegskirkja, Reykjavík, Iceland
2022 Listasalur Mosfellsbæjar, Mosfellsbær, Iceland
2021 Reykjavík Museum of Photography, Reykjavík, Iceland
2021 Gallerí Lækur, Reykjavík, Iceland
2021 Núllið Gallerí, Reykjavík, Iceland
2012 Horror Night at Bíó Paradís, Reykjavík Iceland

Group exhibitions:
2023 Trio Exhibition, Aranytíz Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary
2022 List án landamæra, Reykjavík, Iceland
2021 Duo Exhibition, Mjólkurbúðin, Akureyri, Iceland
2016 Steypa 2016 - Hveragerði, Iceland
2015 Steypa 2015 - Djúpavík, Iceland
2012 Stálsmiðjan, Neskaupsstaður, Iceland
2009 Dead Horse gallery Reykjavík, Iceland
2008 Flikk Flakk - Flickr - Reykjavík Museum of Photography, Iceland
2007 Menningarnótt Reykjavík, Iceland

Online artist talks:
2022 TheHalideProject.org
2022 AnalogExplorations.com


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