Eins dauði er annars brauð – an Icelandic proverb, literally translate to; One’s [person’s/animal’s] death is anotherone’s bread. Meaning when someone loses someone else wins. If you look closely you’ll see new life sprouting from underneath the carcass. The dead sheep has literally become fertilizer. The inevitability of death might seem brutal but without it there would be no new life.
It’s perhaps ironic, or maybe just fitting that I took this picture 5 years ago, scanned it and then decided to throw it away. It never made it to my thrash folder though, just sat in my “unedited” folder until I was cleaning up my computer a few days ago. I don’t remember seeing the clovers when I shot this picture, or at least they didn’t catch my attention, but when I did notice them it gave this photo a new life.



Limited to 5 prints in each size

All my prints are printed on UV protected films which are glued on to aluminum plates, ready to hang and easily cleanable with a damp cloth. I’m told these prints last way longer than any paper prints.

Available in sizes;

80x60cm / 32×24″

40x30cm  / 16×12″

Or contact me for custom size (bigger or smaller)

All prints carefully packaged. Tracking number provided once print is shipped.

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