Death is the crown of all creation
-The wait-
Death is the crown of all creation. There was light and there was life before death. Death was the last thing to come into existence, like the dot above the i as we say in Icelandic, and ever since it hovers above all of creation like a crown, a corona.
Current situations, at any given time, have never really influenced my art as I’ve always tried to evoke some kind of a timeless atmosphere with my images. But given the current state of affairs, it is impossible not to be affected in some way or the other, hence I present you here with the first image in a series I call Death is the Crown of All Creation. It is quite obviously influenced by the whole Corona virus / Covid 19 outbrake but my aim is not to exploit a horrible situation, but simply to put into images the whole doomsday vibe many of us have been experiencing in the last few weeks and it’s my hope that these images will be like a glimpse into a bad dream in a few months time, a dream we woke up from to continue our normal daily lives.
Visually, I don’t necessarily imagine the robed person to be death it self, much like a priest or a nun is not a god, the robed person is both a metaphor and the carrier of death. Death is shapeless, death is nothing and death is everything. Death is already engraved into every living thing, just waiting to come out, waiting to take it’s place as the crown of all creation



Limited to 5 prints in each size

All my prints are printed on UV protected films which are glued on to aluminum plates, ready to hang and easily cleanable with a damp cloth. I’m told these prints last way longer than any paper prints.

Available in sizes;

80x60cm / 32×24″

40x30cm  / 16×12″

Or contact me for custom size (bigger or smaller)

All prints carefully packaged. Tracking number provided once print is shipped.

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