Death is the crown of all creation. Brighter times ahead?
This is the tenth image in a series I call Death is the Crown of All Creation.
Here in Iceland daily life is pretty much back to normal. Last I heard we had two active cases in the whole country. Summer is here with it’s colours, green meadows and yellow dandelions, pink mountain roots and purple lupine. But it’s like there’s still a veil of mist in the air. As if all the colours have need dampened, desaturated. Is it still the shadow of the crown, or something else? Even here in Iceland we’re not untouched by the just fight of brothers and sisters fighting against the systematic oppression of a violent regime. For those of you who are my personal friends or friends on Facebook it should come as no surprise to you that I support those who fight against systematic injustice, I stand with those who are oppressed. The civil unrest in the United States of America is just the tip of the iceberg, people are systematically oppressed in every continent except maybe the Antarctic. When the people win this just fight for equality, I hope they won’t forget those who still live under oppressive regimes. Let’s lift this dark veil of segregation and systematic violence. Our core beliefs are all the same, if given the chance we all just want to live our lives in peace, raise our kids with equal opportunities if education and prosperity. It’s time for a huge change that has to involve something more than changing out the players, we have to change the whole game.
Even though this series is inspired by the Corona virus / Covid 19 outbrake and was shot in March I still can’t help but tie it in with recent events in the USA. Maybe the timing is a coincidence, but maybe not. Maybe people were just really tense after weeks of lockdown. Tension was already high.
Some technical information about this specific photo. This is by far the oldest #Polaroid film I’ve ever been able to get a usable picture off of. It expired 39 years before use. Only this one shot of the whole pack worked. Shot on a #Polaroid669, expired in 1981.

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