Death is the crown of all creation. Count your dead – No end in sight?
This is the eleventh and last image in a series I call Death is the Crown of All Creation. At least for now.
It seems like a big portion of the world has simply given up fighting against Covid19 and just accepted defeat. This defeat comes with total denial though, and self deception. Everything is fine… until you count the dead.
I can’t even bother to talk about how abysmally the big powers have handled this situation. These countries that are supposed to be technically advanced 1st world countries. These superpowers that consider themselves world leaders have violently shat their pants.
I had originally envisioned this being the last picture in the series with colour returning back to our daily lives and death hidden in the background. Death should still very much be in the foreground, as things are going. Maybe it is just hidden in the back of our minds as in the fact that we’re simply ignoring it by now. I’m just throwing my hands in the air and am going to leave it at that.
this series is inspired by the Corona virus / Covid 19 outbrake and was shot in March 2020
The end?

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